Lessons Learned From My Entrepreneurial Journey

A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs are trying to figure out how to start a business. Many others are trying to figure out how to grow it, make it sustainable, or to sell it successfully. In this blog, I will explore several lessons I learned during my entrepreneurial journey starting and running various businesses (SchoolMint (Venture Capital backed, Private Equity backed) and Log(n) (bootstrapped)) and successfully going through an acquisition process with excellent outcomes for investors, employees, and founders.  I will be covering various topics like:

  • Why Start Your Own Company? 
  • How do you find your first customer?
  • How to find the product-market fit?
  • How do you calculate your initial Total Addressable Market (TAM) for your business and what strategies to deploy to expand your TAM?
  • How to hire and manage teams?
  • How to fundraise (or bootstrap)?
  • How to grow the business (sales + marketing with organic and inorganic growth)?
  • How to delight and retain your customers?
  • How to understand the financials and make sure the business is sustainable and profitable?
  • How to set your Mission, Vision, and Core Values?
  • When and how to hire your first VP of (Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Engineering, and Product)?
  • What KPIs would you track for each team?
  • Why, when and how to successfully sell your business?
  • Understanding the difference between Venture Capital  /  Private Equity/Debt and finding what’s best for your business?
  • How to continue learning and growing as the founder and CEO?
  • How to communicate (internal and external with various stakeholders)?
  • What books do I read and highly recommend?

Apart from being an entrepreneur, I am also a technology investor, and I will add different perspectives to these topics by putting my investor hat on. 

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